Pro Tips: How to Upload to Elements

You’ve completed all our previous steps, so that means it’s time to upload!

Now before we jump into the technical parts of uploading, we strongly recommend you check out some of Envato’s item quality expectations before you upload your items. Things such as:

We also have a great ongoing Envato Reveals series on our Author blog page that covers topics such as customer trends, insights and SEO essentials.

Uploading For Your Content Type

Here at Envato we do things a little differently. If your item type falls under these categories – Photography, Stock Video & Motion Graphics, Video Templates, Template Kits or Music, then you’ll have to upload your items through your Market account, whether that be on VideoHive, AudioJungle or ThemeForest.

If your item category is Graphics or Web & Code then you can upload directly through your Elements Dashboard.

We’ve included the different content types and where to upload here for you, to make things simple:


Music Items

Template Kits

Video Templates

Stock Video/Motion Graphics

Web & Code

So now you wait for your items to be reviewed for Elements (keep an eye out as we have a Pro Tips article coming soon dedicated purely to the review process) and you finally hear back that you got approved! Welcome, it’s awesome to have you!!

But how do you now get your items across to Elements? No stress, we’ve broken it done in this table for each content type:

Photos & Stock Video/Motion GraphicsAfter review, your approved items are transferred to Elements automatically by us – so you don’t have to worry. 
Template KitsAfter review, your approved items are transferred to Elements automatically by us – so you don’t have to worry. 
Video Templates/Music ItemsAfter review, your items can be *opted-in by you for Elements on the item’s ‘edit’ page on Envato Market
Web and CodeYour items must first be published on Envato Market and can then be uploaded/linked through the My Itemssection on your Envato Elements Dashboard.
GraphicsYou can *upload your items directly through the My Items section on your Envato Elements Dashboard.

*Opting in your item through Market

*Uploading through your ‘My Items’ section on your Elements Dashboard

And that’s it for uploading to Elements. If you’d like to know more about the technical aspects of uploading your items and how to use our tooling, check out our Upload Methods Help Centre article where we use screen captures and step-by-step instructions for your specific content type. Or if you have any questions and would like to get in touch with us directly please email

Not yet an Author on Envato Elements but ready to get started?

Be sure to keep an eye out for more posts in this ‘Pro Tips’ for Elements series.

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Meet WRTeam, our 'most creative' competition winner!