See the $2,000 Prize Winners in our Apple iTunes Redesign Contest

We invited our creative community to redesign Apple iTunes and we ended-up with 16 incredible finalists. Envato UX Designer Jess Ng scrutinized every pixel and UX consideration from each finalist and picked the winners below!

Grand Prize Winner ($1,000): Saerox



“Clean design, visually appealing and information is well layed out with clear visual hierarchy. I know exactly where to look for the important things without getting overwhelmed.”

– Jess Ng (Contest Judge)

Runner-up ($500): Vossen




“I like how clean the playlist view is, it really focuses on the current album you’re playing without all the other noises. The designs are on brand overall and moving the controls down the bottom makes a lot of sense.”

– Jess Ng (Contest Judge)

3rd Place ($250): MasdikaStudio


“Having the music list displaying on the same page would solve a lot of problems around page load. It’s definitely an interesting concept to try out.”

– Jess Ng (Contest Judge)

4th Place ($150): unvab


“I like the overall look and feel and how some albums are featured and look different to others. Makes it easy to browse and choose what to listen to.”

– Jess Ng (Contest Judge)

5th Place ($100): MYFW



“The designer has definitely thought through the problems with the current design and written a clear rationale of the redesign. It’s well thought out especially the music control design, the most important element of a music player.”

– Jess Ng (Contest Judge)

People’s Choice Vote

Just for fun, we also ran a vote to see which entry was most popular amongst our community. Thank you to everyone who voted! We totted-up all the votes and we can reveal that the “People’s Choice” favorite entries were as follows:

  1. xvelopers
  2. MYFW
  3. unvab
  4. stockware
  5. ActiveDesigner

Some interesting results there! A different winner entirely, and only two winners made it into the Top 5 in both set of results (MYFW and unvab). There was also some suspicious voting along the way (we know who you are, ha, ha).  

Prizes & More Chances to Win!

Many congratulations to all our winners, we’ll be in touch with your prize information very soon! Meanwhile, keep an eye out for more contests and challenges like this via our Challenges section on

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