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See all the winners in our Photo Animator After Effects contest

We had an amazing response to our Photo Animator contest with almost 500 entries! We watched every single video, created a list of finalists, and allowed Photo Animator creator Anton to pick all the winners. Let’s take a look at who won!

Grand Prize Winner ($1,000) – reob

Many congratulations to reob who wins a massive $1,000! Here’s what Photo Animator creator Anton-and-Friends had to say about the winning entry:

“Reob’s ‘Funny Frog’ caught my eye right away. It deviates a bit from the typical animations done with the Photo Animator of creating a 3D Space while still giving the picture a lot of depth through the camera movement. It is also animated very well with the smoothest wave-animation of all the entries and the clever use of double objects for the eyes. Overall I love how the static frog with the restless eyes and the flowing water harmonize to form a complete and relaxing picture.” –Anton-and-Friends

Runner-up ($500) – prassiod

Well done to prassiod who wins $500! Here’s what Photo Animator creator Anton-and-Friends had to say about Prassiod’s entry:

“Prassiod’s entry ‘BreakDance #1’ utilizes the Layer Rig capabilities of Photo Animator perfectly. The choice of the picture of a dynamic dance move captured in one still image works great with the stone and dust plates by giving it the surreal effect of being in motion while being frozen in time.” –Anton-and-Friends

Slideshow Winner ($500) – Coreaux

Well done to Coreaux who wins $500 for their slideshow entry! Here’s what Photo Animator creator Anton-and-Friends had to say about Coreaux’s entry:

“The ‘Nature Slideshow’ by Coreaux uses basically every function available in Photo Animator without feeling overloaded. All around solid animations and beautiful pictures chosen with a message that some might find to be a bit cliché but will always get my support. :-)” –Anton-and-Friends

Highlights Video

We’ll be in touch with all prize winners very soon! Meanwhile, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for downloading Photo Animator and submitting so many incredible entries, and a big thank you to Anton-and-Friends for their generosity in giving away a free item and for their collaboration during this event.

Here’s a brand new video compilation of some of our favorite entries in the contest. We hope everyone enjoyed this event as much as we did!

Music: “Inspiring Piano & Emotional Orchestra” by musicdream

Photo Animator v5 Out Coming Soon!

Be sure to check out the brand new version of Photo Animator out very soon which will feature the following updates:

  • Magic Layer Connection
    Connects the layers at their edges, preserving the easiness and flexibility of a layer based depth technique and adding the quality of a projection mapping method. This will eliminate all kind of layer stepping.
  • Animation Presets:
    Apply one of many different animations in your desired length with just a few clicks.
  • Layerless Objects:
    Objects are now being generated without layers, resulting in smoother surfaces. You can also add as many Objects as you like.
  • Turn the Plates:
    Plates added to any layer can now be converted into turnable plates, giving the illusion of being rotated.
  • Turn them All
    All objects and turnable plates can be turned simultaneously with one new picker.

Check out Photo Animator here