Suggest Ideas a$5,000-worth of Pnd Create “How to…” Videos for Buyers and Win ayPal Prizes

We’re looking for “How to…” videos for buyers on Envato Market and we’ve got a massive $5,000 to give away courtesy of PayPal!

What we’re looking for

There are two main parts to this event:

  1. We’re looking for ideas from our community.We want to know, what would buyers like help with on Envato Market? It could be how to install a WordPress theme, how to install and apply photo filters and AddOns from GraphicRiver, or simply how to purchase, download, and rate an item.
  2. We want you to create helpful “How to…” videos for buyers based on any of the ideas shared, and/or any ideas you have yourself.    

How to Enter

Please read each of the three sections carefully!

Part I – Share Ideas!

Simply share/submit your ideas in this thread of helpful ideas or ways that Envato Market buyers will find useful. Anyone from our community can post ideas but we’d especially love to hear from buyers! Think about:

  • What are some common questions buyers have?
  • What kind of information would help buyers?
  • What might buyers not know that would help them?
  • What kind of questions do you have for specific Envato Market sites?

You may submit as many ideas as you wish.

Part II – Create & Share Your “How to…” Videos

You’ve decided you want to create a video to help buyers, that’s awesome! Here’s how to create and submit your “How to…” video:

  • Use our PSD templates to customize your opening title and closing credit screen. You must use these templates at the start and end of each video you submit. Be sure to add your specific title to the opening screen and your username to the closing credits screen. Download PSDs here.
  • Create your video and post it to YouTube.
  • You may use your own ideas or ideas suggested by others in the official contest thread.
  • Your video can contain voiceovers, music, animation, screenshots – absolutely anything that you think or need to make your video useful and helpful to buyers!
  • Embed your video right here in the official contest thread.
  • Videos must be 60 seconds or less.

You may submit as many videos as you wish.

For more information, please see our FAQs we’ve put together to help you.

Part III – Complete our Official Entry Form

Whether you’ve shared ideas, or whether you’ve created a video entry, you must complete our official entry form, please! This will help ensure we can send prizes to winners efficiently after the contest closes.

Prizes & Judging

We have an amazing $5,000 up-for-grabs courtesy of PayPal!


Video entries will be judged on set criteria by a group of Envato staff. Judges will be looking for well presented videos with usefulness and utility for buyers to help them greater succeed on Envato Market.

Here’s how all the prizes are divided:

  • Grand Prize > Best Overall Video > $500
  • Runner-up > Best Overall Video > $500
  • Best Video for ThemeForest Buyers > $500
  • Best Video for CodeCanyon Buyers > $500
  • Best Video for GraphicRiver Buyers > $500
  • Best Video for VideoHive Buyers > $500
  • Best Video for AudioJungle Buyers > $500
  • Best Video for PhotoDune Buyers > $500
  • Best Community Ideas/Suggestions > $1,000 (10 x $100)

The Grand Prize winner will also be awarded the Won a Contest community badge.

Please note: Users can submit as many videos/entries as they wish. Any one winner can win a maximum prize combination of $2,000. e.g. Someone could create 12 videos across all Envato Market site categories, but only win Best Video for 3 of those categories AND either the Grand Prize or Runner-up prize.

Important Dates

Your ideas and videos must be posted to our forums no later than 12pm (midday) on Monday, November 30, 2015 (AEDT).

We will announce the winners no later than Friday, December 11, 2015.

Good luck!

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