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Author RedOctopus Shares His AudioJungle Five Point Strategy

AudioJungle (AJ) composer, RedOctopus recently shared his tips and advice on how to succeed on the marketplace using his Five Point Strategy. Read all about how implementing his strategy this year has helped build his business and fast-tracked his journey to becoming an Elite author at Envato. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Hi! I’m RedOctopus, an AudioJungle composer. Recently, […]

An in-depth guide to using a virtual orchestra

AudioJungle Author, Vlad Zekrevsy (aka, Soundlufs) provides this incredibly useful guide on how best to use each section of a virtual orchestra. Whether in the concert hall, the opera, a movie soundtrack, or a video game, the “classical” orchestra is still a major player in the contemporary music scene. That’s pretty amazing considering the orchestral concept […]