How to transform still images into an engaging video

We’re all looking for ways to create engaging video content quicker than ever. Here are a couple of compelling tools to do it, and they’re easier to use than you may think. Since the invention of the camera photography has been an art form the world has embraced. Photos are capable of capturing significant events in history, milestones in people’s lives and now, with cameras built […]

The best music for drone videos and film

We invited our community to curate lists of the best music for drone footage videos and here’s what they recommended! This Magic Moment by Adigold “Uplifting, positive, and the melodic piano is accompanied by a lush orchestra to convey hope and inspiration.” — VladProduction Emotional Indie Rock by Leon_Felekyan “Cinematic rock music with atmospheric guitar soundscapes is great for drone video. This […]

20 of the best Christmas After Effects projects

We invited our community to curate lists of the best After Effects projects for Christmas on VideoHive and here’s what they recommended and why they liked them! Christmas Wishes by MotionPhysix “This cinematic video has a magical atmosphere of Christmas and will be perfect for your christmas production.” — NamiNatasha String Theory Christmas Greetings by SUPER-8 “This template is a unique […]

How Make_Believe created his Halloween video effects template, “Circular Insanity”

Halloween is nearly upon us. So we decided to get the story behind “Circular Insanity” a Halloween video effects template by Make_Believe. One of the creepiest logo reveals you’ll find on VideoHive. What is “Circular Insanity”? “Circular insanity” was created through the idea of being in dark creepy atmosphere where the main animation is slowly being sketched on top […]

How pmwa created his Halloween video effects template, “Halloween Party”

Halloween is nearly upon us. So we decided to get the story behind “Halloween Party” by pmwa. One of our top 5 Halloween video effects templates on VideoHive. How did you create “Halloween Party”? Before I came to VideoHive, I worked as a director and visual effects supervisor on a movie in russia and I thought, perhaps, I could use all […]

5 YouTube stars that have used Envato items – Envato Famous Five

From famous beauty and fashion vloggers, to pranksters to the most famous Swedish video gamer in the world, today we’re taking you through our list of five famous YouTubers that have used Envato items. Roman Atwood Roman Atwood is an American YouTuber best known for playing pranks. He has two YouTube channels, ‘RomanAtwood’ for pranks […]