The Future of Video and a New Challenge in 2018: Premiere Pro on Elements

“For artists and brands alike, trends are a critical tool. They’re about more than what people are enjoying or fascinated by at the moment. They’re a look at where we are as a culture, and as a world, so you can really understand what makes an image resonate.” – Brenda Milis, principal of Creative Services and Visual Trends at Adobe.

The amazing growth of Video items presents a significant time for authors and content creators alike, to challenge themselves and explore visual spaces and opportunities in 2018.

With creative tools helping to innovate and empower various forms of expression, authors are becoming ‘hybrids’ or as Photographer and Adobe Creative Resident Aundre Larrow calls ‘hybrid creatives’ driven by the need for more engaging video and supported by the social media platforms that allow for easy accessibility of video content.

Larrow believes the rise in hybrid creatives are those that ‘execute better than they market themselves’  people that can create both fun and high-quality motion content using modern styles like animated titles, bold colors and graphics, as well as ‘standard’ business branding content.  We are seeing this more and more through video content, through After Effects, Motion Graphics and Premiere Pro templates.

Adobe Blog – Premiere Pro Updates Spring 2018

After Effects templates have helped creatives to build and edit their creative work, however, it has also presented challenges when using it alongside other editing programs. More recently, Motion Graphics Templates were introduced to allow creatives to edit a graphic template solely within Premiere Pro – an editing application built for modern video production.

Broadcast Cube Package Essential Graphics – premiumilk

Premiere Pro can easily assemble and edit a video, add audio and video effects – creating titles, manipulating colours and exporting content in any format, making it very use for creatives to include motion graphics in projects. Google trends show that searches for Premiere Pro have increased by 138%, in comparison to searches for After Effects from the past 12 months.

Within our marketplace, Premiere Pro is making up 20% of the top weekly best sellers, demand is high from customers and we’re really excited to see what happens next. We recently launched a new category for Premiere Pro Templates on Elements – Premiere Pro will be part of the Elements subscription offering and selected authors have access to opt-in items.

Many businesses and industries, including Videographers and Editors, rely on Premiere Pro to help them create engaging and well-presented content that is resolution independent and stays up to date with evolving styles.

Hollywood filmmakers share why they use Adobe Premiere Pro | Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 has just released version 12.1 with their April update, bringing new features including the color match and face detection, audio ducking, improved essential graphics workflow and more! Similarly, they recently announced the immersive VR editing feature in Adobe Premiere Pro, allowing 360-degree video and VR using a headset – Amazing. Check out all the latest Premiere Pro updates and features on the Adobe Blog here.

Whilst Premiere Pro items are still growing and make up a small percent of video templates on Market, 4 out of the top 20 weekly best sellers last week including Product Promotion, Openers, Titles and Broadcast Packages were Premiere Pro items, reinforcing its popularity from customers in the marketplace.

Fashion Promo – mdlabdesign

Modern Slideshow – Power_Bank

As the category grows, demand for specific Premiere Pro items will continue to rise. Titles are a consistently popular trend in the marketplace, while Infographic Items present the biggest opportunity for authors to stand out to customers.

Video Authors on Elements can be some of the first to specialize and have content in the Premiere Pro Infographics subcategory in 2018! Check out these awesome After Effects examples below.

Infographic Maker – Aquavitae

Infographics 3D Map Kit – YarkoTV

If you’re thinking about selecting your Premiere Pro content for Elements, make sure to review this article on Preparing Video Items for Elements and head over the dashboard and select your items now!

You can also check out all the Premiere Pro Tutorial videos available on Adobe and our Content Requirements on the Author Help Center.

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