The Value of Deconstruction Tutorials – Boosting Your Interactions With Customers

As an author and creative business, building awareness is becoming more important than ever before.

Adobe’s EVP & GM of Digital Marketing, Brad Rencher believes that “what ties this all together isn’t the things we want, it’s the experiences we demand — the sum total of all of a customer’s interactions with a brand, from awareness to purchase to consumption, are now critical.”

Communicating the story behind your work and showing the value of your designs helps to create strong connections with customers and boost your brand’s visibility in the marketplace.

The challenge for many now is to figure out how to connect their customers with their items in a more meaningful and dynamic way, while also making them feel involved in the process. It presents a shift in how we currently interact with customers, focusing more on the experiences we provide, instead of just the item or transaction.

According to research from Walker’s Customers Progress Report, “by the year 2020, the customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.”

This is where allowing customers to be a part of the journey, whether it is sharing a unique process, methodology or simply showing how something is created – becomes part of your brand’s story and sharing that story is powerful. We’re committed to helping you – our authors, build interactions that help you sell better and stronger.

This is where Deconstruction Tutorials come in. Check out how Envato authors are doing just that (and more) with Sharon from Envato Tuts+.

Getting Involved

Envato Tuts+ sees millions of page views per month and the Design & Illustration section is one of the most popular sections on the site. It’s a world leader in quality, free-to-view, original, online education available to authors. Envato Tuts+ is also one of Envato Elements & Market’s biggest referral sources!

For the past two years, we’ve been publishing Deconstruction Tutorials. These are Tutorials, which show people how to create specific items from Envato Market, written by authors themselves. This is an opportunity to connect with customers and build exposure for your brand and items.

Check out some of our recent examples of Deconstruction Tutorials and our talented featured authors who have participated:

Marko Kožokar / UnicDesign

Typography Photo Effect Action in Adobe Photoshop

“I remember I was browsing the Envato forum trying to find some new ways to market my items and then I saw the title ‘Advertise Your GraphicRiver Items to Millions!’. It sounded promising so I immediately jumped in to see what is it about. I was definitely interested so I have filled up the form and soon after I got response that I’m in!

I have done a few tutorials and my items started getting a lot of traffic, so it was clear to me that this is a really great marketing opportunity. It’s also very nice to see many thankful comments from people who read your tutorials and to know that someone learned something useful from them. Since then, I have made over twenty tutorials and I look forward to do a lot more!”

John Negoita / psddude

Realistic Embroidery Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

“Writing deconstruction tutorials was a really great idea for promoting my GraphicRiver items. If the tutorial has an interesting theme, you get a lot of exposure not only for the deconstruction item but also for other items from your portfolio.

In the first days after publishing the tutorial the visits on the item referenced increased with up to 50% and the sales went up, also. So, making deconstruction tutorials was definitely a good decision.”

Vladimir Galantsev / almoond

Heart-Shaped Daisies in Adobe Illustrator

“Writing deconstruction tutorials was challenging to me at first – but it was definitely worth it! By trying to explain my techniques to a larger audience, I’ve discovered easier and more efficient ways to create my content in the future, and the promotion of the images in each tutorial has brought some traffic over to my portfolio on GraphicRiver and I was able to increase my sales because of that.

But the thing that makes me the happiest about doing deconstructions is the feedback from various designers and the images they create following my tutorials – seeing these comments never fails to make me smile!”

As part of this opportunity, we pay authors $250 USD for a regular length tutorial (consisting of 25 steps/images). With our custom built CMS and Instructor Guides, getting started on writing tutorials with us is a lot easier than you might think!

What’s Next..

We’re looking for all types of Deconstruction’s from GraphicRiver authors, especially InDesign Templates and Photoshop Add-ons as we know these do very well in this promotion format.

If you’re interested in getting involved, reach out via our Create a Tutorial Form and be sure to link your GraphicRiver or Elements profile and any items that you’d be interested in promoting on the form.

Can’t wait to see your great work!

Featured Author: Meet eTheme
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