‘Tis the Season for Sales!

In this report, we highlight how to get your portfolio optimized and make the most of seasonal sales during the busy shopping holidays!

With major shopping holidays fast approaching, we know this can be a very busy time for many authors. It’s a time to prepare your portfolio, make the most of seasonal sales and attract as many customers as possible.

To help get you on the right track, we have compiled some our marketplace insights and top tips around building a seasonal promotion plan, goal setting and portfolio optimization during the busy shopping season!

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Seasonal Trends

Our insights show that seasonal trends start to rise a month before the occasion, holiday or seasonal event, so it’s really important to get your items in front of customers as soon as you can. Along with increased traffic to the site, we’ve also seen the rise of seasonal search terms across various content types, growing in popularity during the lead up to the end of the year and the start of the new year.

So, as an author, look at diversifying your portfolio to include audio items based on what seasonal events are coming up, for example – Christmas, Hanukkah or Easter. Customers will then be able to find your themed items by searching for key search terms through item titles, tags, types and categories.

Keeping Track of Important Dates

Since it’s important to plan ahead for seasonal items, it’s best to keep track of the important dates, so you can make sure to have enough time to get your items in front of customers. Some dates coming up include:

  • November 22 – Thanksgiving (United States)
  • November 23 – Black Friday (US)
  • November 24 – Small Business Saturday (US)
  • November 26- Cyber Monday or Mega Monday (US/United Kingdom/Canada/Australia) Cyber Monday extends to Tuesday in Australia.
  • December 5 – St. Nicholas’ Eve (Europe)
  • December 6 – St. Nicholas’ Day (Europe)
  • December 24 – Hanukkah begins
  • December 24 – Christmas Eve
  • December 25 – Christmas Day
  • December 26 – Kwanzaa Begins
  • December 26 – Boxing Day (US/UK/Canada/Australia)
  • December 31 – New Year’s Eve
  • January 1 – New Year’s Day 
  • February 5 –  Chinese New Year

Start by brainstorming some ideas of what things you could improve, innovate or update to help look at your items from a different, and more seasonal perspective.

Have a look at your overall portfolio, and ask yourself some questions…

  • What does it need?
  • How could I improve?
  • How can I incorporate the busy holiday seasons to attract more customers or meet the needs to potential buyers at this time?

Examining Your Portfolio of Items

Asking yourself these questions is an important part of re-examining your shop from a customer’s perspective. This includes updating your titles, descriptions or tags with more specific information such as seasonal highlights to expand your brand reach or making sure that the information is current and accurate, so your portfolio is well-presented to customers.

Optimizing your items metadata helps to ensure that it is communicating accurate information to potential customers and highlighting your items best features.

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Setting Holiday Goals

From there, start setting up your holiday goals. These goals are your guiding light during the busy moments, and will help set you up for success when things may seem too overwhelming.

Try to make a list of goals (not too many) and prioritize their importance. Then, try to break down each goal with something you can track or measure. Having broad goals are fine, but having a mix of measurable and broad goals will help to create small milestones along the way and help you stay motivated and on task.

Similarly, it’s also important to set a few goals that you know you can control yourself. This will ensure that you won’t be relying on other things or face blockers that could impact you reaching your goals. This could things like be adding a certain number of items to your portfolio, developing a seasonal marketing campaign or posting social media images of your items leading up to Christmas.

Give Your Portfolio a Holiday Spin!

As we’ve seen with the busy shopping season each year, it’s a time where the marketplace experiences increased traffic and authors have the opportunity to receive added exposure from customers. Consider the important dates, your key international audiences and the example questions below.

These act as a reminder to put that ‘seasonal perspective’ hat back on and get your items out there! 

  • Do you have items that are just sitting around, waiting to be added to your portfolio?
  • Do you have items that have great potential and just need a bit of an update?
  • Do you have items you’re currently working on that has a seasonal twist?
  • What kinds of items would you (as the customer) be looking for at this time?
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Develop a Seasonal Promotional Plan

You can get more exposure for your items by coming up with a promotional strategy during the holiday shopping season. If you have existing social media channels that you use (such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter) create some marketing campaigns to promote your items using these channels. Make sure to make them specific to the voice, tone and audience of each channel.

If you’re still new with this, pick a single channel to focus on and plan a marketing campaign for some of your items. Let your audience know what its key point of difference is, what makes your item unique and tell a story about how it was developed. Be personal, approachable and creative in your delivery! Check out these social media campaign examples on sprout social.

Now, make sure to work ahead of time to plan out any promotions on popular shopping days so you can have ample time leading up this – around one or two weeks. Check out the Seasonal Marketing Campaign Guide on hubspot, for some tips and tricks on how to get started.

Werk, Werk, Werk, Werk, Werk.

We know that with this shopping season, it can be hard to spend more time designing and less time on other stuff, like admin and just, life. Check out these tips to help manage your priorities and keep things on track during the busy times:

  • Figure out what time of day you feel most productive and use this to your advantage by planning ahead to best tackle complex problems.
  • Develop a consistent routine for your processes. For example: If you’re going to do some social media marketing during this seasonal period, make sure to do so on a consistent basis, not just a once off. Your messages should be telling a consistent message or story across your channels.
  • Try to eliminate your distractions and streamline other business tasks, so you can have more energy to design your items.
  • Anticipate customer questions, and develop a quick FAQ to help get questions answered quickly and easily during the busy times.
  • Make time to celebrate your wins each day – this is super important!

Connect With Your Community

Working online can feel easier when you’ve got a supportive network with you. Connecting together on the Forums is a great way to exchange ideas, learn about other authors are doing and make sure that you stay on top with all the latest news or opportunities during this busy shopping period.

It’s also a good way to remind yourself that despite all the busyness that is here, and awaiting – the most important thing is to make time to socialize, have fun, celebrate your wins and also, talk about the lows. We can’t do our best when we don’t take care of ourselves, so connect with your fellow authors and work to support each other during this time.

If you’re new, get started by introducing yourself in the forums. For those who are regular users, try and use this time to connect with new authors, as well as help get others talking. We’re better when we’re together.

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How will you make the most of seasonal sales? Share your thoughts with us and your fellow authors on the forums.

Check out the Top Tips for Building Seasonal Sales! #envatoauthors

Written by Sarah G, Envato Author Engagement Manager

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