Top 20 Christmas templates on GraphicRiver

From invitation templates to digital snow globes and banner ad templates here’s what they chose here the top 20 Christmas templates on GraphicRiver, as curated by our community.

Christmas is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start getting your invitations, advertising and more ready for the festive season.

Our marketplace is full of Christmas themed items, but to make it easier to choose what you need this season, we asked our community to curate the best Christmas items on GraphicRiver.

From invitation templates to digital snow globes and banner ad templates here’s what they chose.

Vintage style

First up, if you’re into 50 and 60s vintage style, these are some options for you.

Vintage Christmas Typography Cards


This Christmas cards template pack by ShinyPixel has nailed the old school look. It gives you a number of options, all with a slightly different spin in the layout and colors. But all with the same warm feeling.




“This was my first entry on GraphicRiver and my first big result – almost 300 items sold in less than 1 month,” says the item’s author. “I spent some time to make it as awesome and “christmassy” as I could. Fully Photoshop vector shape for any kind of magnification and handmade typography!”

Retro / Vintage Christmas Card Pack


These Christmas card templates by lavie1blonde are just exquisite with simple, centred graphics and a slight rustic look.

Media_Variety – who included the item in their curated list – calls it a “Beautiful retro vintage Christmas” template “with 12 unique designs.”

10 Vintage Christmas Cards / Backgrounds PSD


If you’re wanting something authentically vintage you can’t go past this Christmas cards pack by corella. The detail in these templates is incredible, from the warn out corners to the washed out images. “I worked a long time on them,” says the author. “I like this vintage style very much.”

Christmas Party Flyer


This poster template takes the vintage style and really makes it pop with its use of contrast and tasteful use of bright colors.

“I think it’s great because of the overall atmosphere and also because it has a twin for new year,” explains Mariux, the item’s author. “It can be used to promote any Christmas event for different locations like a club or even a restaurant.”

Chalk Christmas Flyer Bundle


This one pulls things back to an effective black and white chalk design that fits a lot of information onto one page without looking too busy. There are also templates for the new year and winter more generally, all included in the one bundle.



Its author Ronin54 describes it as a “one of a kind, versatile and comprehensive flyer bundle” that “covers the Christmas holiday, New Years Eve, and Winter Festivities. It is easy to edit and customize…”

Collection of Retro Holidays Greeting Cards


Completing the vintage section is this pack of retro holiday greeting cards. From the colors to the fonts this package by BlinkBlink is pitch perfect in its Mad Men era approach to the Christmas card.

“I love retro style,” says its curator Alexlasek. 

Punchy poster designs

Now to some more modern poster designs. If you’re hosting an event and want your flyers to pop, consider some of these.

Merry Christmas Flyer


This glossy flyer template by Nikolaev_ws uses the high contrast between the snowy white background and bright reds and blues to great effect.

“I love this template,” says BigWeek, its curator. “The main element of the winter holiday looks festive, very bright and eye catching!”

Christmas Flyer


This one by styleWish is a more modern spin. Its use of Christmas images is much more subtle and really draws attention to the text in the center.

“I especially like the depth of the flyer with the trees disappearing in the background,” says the GraphicRiver author. “The colors and light effects also create a unique Christmas atmosphere.”

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Flyer


Speaking of a unique, this flyer template by INDUSTRYKIDZ packs a punch. It’s bright, it’s brash and its energy is palpable, which should help your poster stand out from the crowd.

“I think it’s perfect for a crazy Christmas party,” says curator Mariux.

Christmas Assets And Mock Ups


And finally, here’s an easy option by designercow for a very polished, eye catching design using a lot of traditional elements, but in a way that draws focus and is loaded with energy.

According to its author it’s a “Clean Christmas flyer for clubs and party’s with a great composition and a 3D gold text made in Smart Object so you can change the text to your own.”

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

Wanting a cleanse from the heavy reds and greens this season? Maybe these options will tickle your fancy.

White Christmas Party Flyer


White and gold has been pretty trendy for the last few years and Dilanr’s flyer template incorporates the color scheme very tastefully.

Curator CreativB likes it because of its “simplicity and the feeling of a white Christmas. It also stands out due to it’s minimal color choices.”

Christmas Party Flyer


There’s also this glitzier one by creativevalues, which has a similar layout but with glossier effects on the main text and animated elements.

This flyer is quite simple and elegant with the white and golden theme with a Christmas feel,” says the author. “The glow from the top with bokeh lights and splashing liquid create a stunning look with a Christmas, magical feel.”

Snow globes

Snow Globe Christmas Mockup with GIF Animation


Snow globes are timeless and with this template by psddude you can create your own Christmas themed one all on your own. You can even make a GIF out of it.

“This Christmas animated snowball is unique, easy to use and fully customizable,” says the author. “The animation can be saved as an animated GIF for the web and also as a video. You can add thess animations to your website, etc.”

DOA Snow Globe Construction Kit


This one by doa is very similar.

survivor, its curator, says it’s a “Pretty nice tool for creating many different snow globes. It is in a high resolution, so it can be useful for the Christmas Party invitations.”

Warm and fuzzy

Snowy-The Christmas Mockups


What’s cuter than having your Christmas wishes delivered by this adorable snowman? This animated messenger by Media_Variety will help send Christmas wishes to those close to you.

2 Christmas Illustrations with Santa


These beautiful illustrations by drumcheggg will instantly get you into the Christmas spirit drawing on traditional imagery like Santa and his reindeer to help create that warm and cozy feeling the season brings.

This illustration shows a Santa Claus, a crazy one,” says curator Hemmx-com.

Christmas Card


And you can’t go past simplicity with this Christmas card template by avindaputri which is minimal but not sparse.

“I like the modern style and simple use of the characteristic colors of Christmas,” says its curator woowparty. “A well organized design.”

Banner ads

Christmas Holiday Sale Web Ad Marketing Banners


For you advertisers out there needing banner ad templates for Christmas sales, this one by webduck is for you.

Curator Andmericano says of it “It is a perfect suit for product promotion…and comes with 20 standard dimensions which also meet Google adwords banners sizes!”

Christmas assets

And finally, if all you need is a recognizable Christmas decoration then an assets pack will be the best thing for you.

Christmas Assets And Mock Ups


This one by MockupZone provides you with over 100 hero images of almost everything festive.

“All elements are photo-realistic and high resolution,” says psddude.

“It’s very eye catching, I like all these shiny items!” says ShinyPixel.

And it’s “useful for Graphic designers,” says fellow curator eliasa1.

Christmas Collection


Lastly, this asset pack by eliasa1 will instantly put a smile on your face.

According to the author it’s a “traditional, joyful and funny character set which may be used in postcards, invitations, advertisements.”

You can check out our community’s other curations in this forum thread. And you can find all the items in this list on GraphicRiver.


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