Top Customer Requests [Oct-Dec 2020]

Which Content Types Had More Requests?

Photos and Fonts continue to be the item types with the highest number of requests, followed by Stock Video, Video Templates, Graphic Templates & Presentation Templates.

Photos got the highest number of responses on the survey overall, while Presentation Templates, Fonts, CMS/Web Templates & Add-ons have a higher number of request per 10k searches.

Overall “Elements doesn’t have it”, continues to be the main reason users believed they couldn’t find what they were looking for in October-Dec.  This was followed by “Search limitations” and “I’m not sure”.

What Themes Were Subscribers Looking For?

Overall, the best description of what users were looking for in Q2 continues to be 

  • a specific “theme or season” 
  • and “a particular look and feel”

For users who selected a specific theme or season, “Business”, “Other” and “Science/Medicine & Wellbeing” continue to be the most requested themes across content types.

Lack of diversity continues to be a strong theme for people-related requests for Graphics, Photos & Stock Video:

“More black people in mock ups”

“Diversity female models. plus-size, people of colour, natural women”

“Your photos need diversity. I searched “barber” and every result was “white male hipster.” We need more age/ethnic/racial diversity.”

What Are the Key Insights For Each Content Type?


32% of requests for a specific theme/season. Business/Religion/Education is the most popular themes. Users who requested Photos were looking for people related content (including more diversity of races & cultures), business (work/office scenarios & tools), medical-related items, cooking, veganism, amongst others. 

22% of requests for a particular look and feel.  11% of requests for a specific culture, genre or ethnicity.

  • Indonesian kids
  • More diversity!!!
  • Latin people
  • A woman Afro American with office clothes

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Stock Video

35% of the requests were for a particular Theme.
Popular themes were Business, Science & Education.

  • Company team huddle or team building activity
  • Business growth
  • Real Estate! Buying and selling houses!

20% of requests were for a particular Look & Feel

  • A guy with a beard and moustache looking at camera
  • An overlay of those little fairy lights that are so popular in decorating right now.

14% of the requests were for a specific culture/genre or ethnicity

  • There is no real bodies in the page. All of them are skinny and beautiful or fitness bodies.
  • Indian yoga
  • I was looking of videos for Nubian Village in Aswan, Egypt.
  • Racial diversity in preschool ballet class videos

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Most requests are for a specific mood/feel that complements a project. Audio users were also looking for songs from AudioJungle that they couldn’t find on Elements, songs they like from the industry (not from Envato) and songs used in Video Template Previews.

  • “I can’t find a song from this video! In the description below the video, a link to your site. The song is clearly from your website. Help me please to find this song.

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“A specific look and feel” and “Something else I have seen elsewhere” continue to be popular requests for Font-users. It’s common for users to look for alternative fonts similar to other fonts they found elsewhere.

  • “A retro font something like “Shadow“.”
  • “I am looking for a font similar to Rider but in the letters, there are slices to remove. I am using it for MERRY on my Christmas sign”
  • “Wish there was a font like “Cosmoball” but in a regular and not bold font”

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Presentation Templates

50% of the requests were for a particular theme, with Education being a popular request:

  • “presentation template for an assignment”
  • “PPT education”
  • “Love Themes for Elementary students”

17% of the requests being for a particular mood and feel:
“a design with more movement and more colorful”

  • “Geometric in strong colors without “theme”

9% of requests being related to a specific region/culture:

  • “Theme about celebration patriot of Panama”
  • Indigenous”
  • Grenada Revolution”
  • “Native American History Template for Google Slides”

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Video Templates

30% of requests for a specific theme/season. Business/Religion/Education being the most popular themes. 20% of requests for a particular look and feel.  18% of requests for “Something else I have seen in the media”

  • A cartoon theme to be used for announcing fun awards at office
  • Woman shopping
  • A simple slideshow with lines that reveal text
  • I need a template where I can add multiple faces on one screen – like a zoom meeting look
  • “A VideoHive Item”

10% of requests for items Compatible with a specific software:

  • Info graphics for Final Cut Pro or Apple Motion
  • Website promo Final Cut Pro template
  • After Effects Face Tools
  • Davinci Resolve Elements for Logos
  • Multi-level marketing animation for FCPX or Motion

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WEB, CMS &  WordPress Templates

Some users were looking for particular/specific features and didn’t have a way to search for features:

  • “I am looking for a booking system where people could book me in my website.”
  • “WordPress plugin to track changes by administrators. An activity log as such.”
  • “I want a website where the client can calculate the estimated value of his house”

A lot of requests for themes from ThemeForest that are not available on Elements:

  • “I saw Le Arts and Homemade Shop on Themeforest but both not available here.”

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For more insights into trending search terms, check out the Trending Searches & Seasonal Content article.

Make sure to review the Covid-19 item Guidelines for more information on creating items around this theme.

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