Top Customer Requests [Feb-March]

Which Content Types Had More Requests?

Photos and Fonts continue to be the item types with the highest number of requests, followed by Presentation Templates, Graphic Templates & Video items.

Photos got the highest number of responses on the survey overall, while Fonts again received the highest number of responses per 10k searches.

What Themes Were Subscribers Looking For?

The best description of what they were looking for was around a specific ‘theme or season’ and ‘a particular look and feel.’

From users who were looking for a specific theme, ‘Business, Science/Medicine & Wellbeing’ continued to be the most requested themes across content types.

What Theme Do Their Requests Relate to By Content Type:

What is the Main Reason Why Users Think They Couldn’t Find What They Were Looking For, By Content Type:

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What Are the Key Insights For Each Content Type?


The majority of survey respondents were looking for a particular look and feel. This was followed by something they had seen in the media (e.g. ‘The New York Times’ font or ‘Friends’ lettering). Themes included business fonts (Supermarket, Real Estate) and Food & Gastronomy (specifically, beer fonts). 

The majority of users struggled to find what they were looking for because they were unable to filter or narrow their searches the way that they wanted to. See all responses.


Users were overwhelmingly searching for a specific theme, particularly business. 

Similar to other categories, Real Estate came up as a desired category, suggesting that this is an in-demand theme. 

Perhaps due to the very large library on ThemeForest, the top reason users believed they couldn’t find what they were looking for was that the item was from Envato Market and not available on Elements. This had more than double the responses of the second ranking reason, which was an inability to narrow search results. See all responses.

Presentation Templates:

People looking for presentation templates were by and large looking for specific themes or seasons, especially within the categories of Business, Science/Medicine & Wellbeing and Education.

 For those looking for a particular look and feel, the second most common category, the requests often fell into the ‘business’ category as well (e.g. ‘Interior designer,’ ‘Reiki Therapy,’ ‘Business proposal in the cosmetic industry’). 

Inability to narrow or filter search properly was the top ranking reason why users couldn’t find what they were looking for.  See all responses.

Stock Video:

Users cited issues with the Elements search functionality, or inability to find similar material to another item. 

Other feedback indicated a lack of very specific content (i.e. emojis for app development), or pointed to lack of diversity. 

Science/Medicine was the top ranking theme that users were searching for, with examples including ‘covering cough or sneeze with elbow’ (now very common Covid-19 prevention advice) and human evolution. 

Some users were frustrated that they had signed up for an unlimited subscription after seeing certain content on VideoHive, only to find that it was unavailable on Elements. See all responses.


Business and Education were the top ranking categories where users couldn’t find the content they were looking for, with more references to Covid-19 as a desired theme. 

Requests included ‘Wash your hands’ and ‘Icons that show washing hands,’ keep your distance, cover your nose, cough and sneeze into your hand, avoid shaking hands, wear a mask, etc.

Users were predominantly frustrated with the lack of search functionality to help them find a theme or look & feel. Other topics that came up included graphics to depict ‘Easter,’ the ‘swinging 60s,’ and ‘Australian native art.’ See all responses.

Web Templates:

Like many other item types, specific business themes were the top ranking requests in the Web Templates category. 

Real Estate, specifically blog templates relating to this theme, emerged as an example. 

Citing something they had seen in the media, one user was looking for an extension that scrolls through text like the Starwars movie credits. 

There was nearly an even split between complaints about items existing on Envato Market but not Elements and a lack of search filtering functionality. See all responses.

CMS Templates:

Relative to other item types, there were very few survey responses for CMS templates. 

Real Estate Joomla Template came up, indicating that there is a demand for content related to real estate across all content categories. 

One other user was searching for Medical Shopify themes. The only reason cited as to why users didn’t believe they could find what they were looking for was that an item aws on Envato Market but not available on Elements. See all responses.

Graphic Templates:

Respondents looking for a specific theme or season ranked the highest, followed by the ‘other’ category. 

Business, Education, Science/Medicine & Industrial were the most common themes users were after but unable to find content in. 

Religion also appeared, with one user searching for Ramadan designs (this is to be expected given Ramadan is coming up in April). Within the ‘other’ category, requests were extremely specific, from a link to something a user had seen on Envato Market to ‘Music poster template that looks like torn strips of paper.’ 

One user was searching for Coronavirus pamphlets, citing that they had seen this in the media. The top ranking complaint by a long shot was that users couldn’t filter or narrow their searches. See all responses.


Audio had a much lower number of responses than other categories, but the main reason that users believed they couldn’t find what they were after was the Elements search functionality. Others weren’t sure why. 

The majority of users were looking for a particular theme they couldn’t find, especially within the ‘Entertainment’ category. Examples included very specific movie examples, with references such as Austin Powers and The Great Gatsby, but make sure to review Intellectual Property Guidelines if creating items around this theme.  See all responses.


The majority of respondents were unable to find content related to a specific theme or season. Interestingly, Coronavirus and medical emergencies in hospitals emerged as examples, indicating a timely demand for these types of images. See all responses.

Video Templates:

Similar to other item types, survey respondents in the Video Template category pointed to the emergence of Coronavirus/Covid-19 as a theme under the ‘Science/Medicine’ category. 

Some respondents subscribed to Elements with the expectation of finding a certain theme (e.g. baby video template) that was on Market. 

There was a suggestion that Elements content  be marked on Market and vice versa to make it more clear which content is available on both platforms. Interestingly, someone highlighted a lack of diversity as a reason why they didn’t believe they could find the Occult themed video template they were looking for. See all responses.

For more insights into trending search terms, check out the Trending Searches & Seasonal Content article.

Make sure to review the Covid-19 item Guidelines for more information on creating items around this theme.

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