Top Customer Requests [Feb-March]

Top Customer Requests:

Photos and Fonts continue to be the item types with the highest number of requests, followed by Presentation Templates, Graphic Templates & Video Items.

Overall “Business, Science/Medicine & Wellbeing” continue to be the most requested themes across content types.

What themes do their requests relate to (by content type):

What is the main reason why users think they couldn’t find what they were looking for (by content type):

Most users mentioned they couldn’t filter or narrow their search the way they needed to – Except for users who were looking for WordPress & CMS Templates, where the items they wanted were available on Market but not available on Elements.

For more insights, you can view all the customer requests across content-types by clicking on the spreadsheet here.

Trending Search Terms:

For in-depth insights into trending search terms, check out the Trending Searches & Seasonal Content article.

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