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Check out our top trending video items on Elements.

October 2021

Author: alexdndz

As you know, Triple Rewards is available on all new video content on Elements, so there’s never been a better time to get publishing! Check out some of the top trending video items below so you can learn what kinds of items are resonating with customers and getting licensed the most.

Remember, the more your item is licensed, the more you’ll earn with Triple Rewards!

Kinetic Typography Titles for Premiere Pro, by BLAQMATRIX

Video template

These high-impact titles are great for making a statement, and that’s just what our customers are using them for. This one, from BLAQMATRIX, is one of our new top trending video items on Elements.

Gif of top trending video templates item: kinetic typography.

Time Lapse Warehouse Lift Trucks Stacking Boxes, by annoyboy

Stock footage

We’re doing more online shopping than ever, and lots of people are looking for ways to show that. This time lapse of a warehouse is a great way to show a bit of behind-the-scenes action and demonstrate the scale of our online shopping addiction.

Time lapse of a warehouse with lots of boxes.

Fire Trails Logo, by Voxyde

Video template

Voxyde has created this impactful logo template, giving our customers the opportunity to present their logo in an epic way. Plus, we think the Envato logo looks pretty cool like this!

Gif of top trending video templates item: fire trails logo.

Business chart economy graph growth data diagram, by Vipho

Motion graphic

Numbers can often be hard to visualize, so it can be handy to have motion graphics like this one from Vipho that helps to illustrate trends and analytical insights. It’s good to see all of the results trending upwards in this one!

Motion graphic of various graphs and charts going up.

Gold Bokeh Background by astadigital

Motion graphic

Bokeh effects are a classic, and they’re often very popular with our Elements subscribers. This one from astadigital is no different. The gold looks classy, expensive, and elegant, and would take anyone’s project to the next level.

Gold bokeh background twinkling.

Ghost Girl In White Nightgown With Loose Hair In A Scary House by tiplyashin

Stock footage

Spooky season is nearly here with Halloween at the end of October, and it looks like our customers are getting into the spirit! This video of a little girl in a nightdress walking down a scary-looking hallway is guaranteed to send a shiver down even the bravest person’s spine.

A girl in a white nightdress walks down a hallway.

Remember: Triple Rewards runs until 3 May 2022.

Upload your best video content between now and then to earn TRIPLE usage fees for 90 days.

All new stock footage, motion graphics and video templates content submitted before then will earn Triple Rewards for 90 days after publishing.

Make the most of this amazing offer by submitting your best content and watch the rewards roll in!

Customers want these video templates, now!
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Customers want these video templates, now!