Top Trends in Video – April 2018

With the launch of Video on Elements this year, our Content Specialist – Mark Brodhuber has compiled the top three trends in our marketplace right now. These span across multiple categories from product promotion, infographics and stomp-style animations.

Explore these trends for examples of great featured items in the marketplace! Additionally, check out the best practice guidelines and requirements for VideoHive items using this handy link here on the Help Center.

Stomp Evolved

The Stomp-style is a relatively new trend that was originally popularized by Apple in their “Don’t Blink” ad in late 2016. The earliest inspired version we saw on VideoHive was Stomp by Mnemonick, which saw immediate success and unseated the Parallax style that was dominating the popular files page at the time. 

Stomp – Typographic Intro | Mnemonick

The Stomp-style is a type-heavy animation that maintains a very fast pace and originally maintained a minimal appearance focusing primarily on the text synced with a hard-hitting rhythmic beat.

Future Bass Dynamic Intro | REDVFX

We saw tons of really great Stomp-styled projects on VideoHive last year, but recently authors have been evolving the style in an attempt to stand out more. Making more unique projects by keeping the base trend of bold text thats animated quickly and synced with rhythmic audio but now also adding vibrant backgrounds, colors and imagery into the mix, with clean graphical elements, unique transitions and really strong editing.

Dynamic Opener| BLAQMATRIX


Infographics are far from a new but the quality of the items have really improved over time. We have infographic-related items in nearly every category outside of Stock Footage and they’re a great resource for buyers trying to present information or data in a clean and easy to digest way.

Isometric Infographics | HolyPix

Infographics in the templates categories are much more valuable because customers can actually input their own values, and most infographics projects will dynamically adjust charting graphics to size them based on the data inputted.

Infographics | Hypevisuals

These files are usually built modularly, so customers can easily pick and choose the elements they need to use, and stack them one after another, to create a very fresh and dynamic, video presentation.

World Map Kit  |   Chernu

Product Promotion

The Product Promo category contains a pretty large variety and range of options, but the primary type of item you can expect to find here is dedicated to displaying some sort of visual real-world product in a video format.

Magazine Promo | Pixamins

The quality of the files in this category is exceptionally high, and you’ll find a lot of 3D elements included within many of the projects.

Simplicity X-Phone Promo | Premiumilk

Customers can use these items to display or demonstrate their app, or website in many forms. And some authors have expanded to include product mockups, and template versions of real-world items including t-shirts, coffee cups, product packaging, bottles, and many others.

Super Dynamic Website Promo | Videostones

Let us know what you think of these trends. If you have any questions, want to continue the conversation or share your favorite tips, jump over to the forums and connect with your fellow author community!

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