Top Video Trends: Bring on the Clip Show!

In this article, we explore the growing trends of Multiclip files for customers and what this means for Authors now, and into the future.

If you’ve been shooting the same scenes with multiple cameras and editing the footage from these multiple cameras, you have probably seen the Multi-clip (a.k.a Multicam) function on your video editing tool or you’re an avid ‘Multi-Clipper’ on your own social media channels.

For those who are new to this, it’s really just a clever way of creating a short film composed of separate video clips, merged together to make one. This means that you can see multiple camera angles and compositions, edit between them easily and offer customers with a variety of clips for their project.

Shooting the Video by Pressmaster

Its superpower lies in its ability to reuse existing videos, and then assemble them together to create an entirely new and fluid piece of content. This makes it a very powerful tool for editing live performances, music videos and films!

Multip-clip is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon especially since social media platforms introduced ‘video stories.’ Snapchat was the platform that brought short social media videos to the forefront, allowing users to send quick videos to their friends and family, as well as save multi-clip videos.

Similarly, Instagram now offers 60-second videos to users and multiclip videos and brands using these platforms are already seeing the results.

According to research, incorporating video to a campaign “drives higher favorability for customers, in comparison to campaigns with static photos only.”

Social Media Concept by Rawpixel

Final Cut Pro X offers this editing tool using the multicam feature, and Clips is Apple’s latest app in this area, which is pretty similar to Snapchat. Clips offer a simple interface that empowers users to create multiclip videos without editing timelines and complex tools. The main difference is that Clips also Offers Live Titles, a feature that can add captions and titles using the user’s voice.

Last year, Facebook IQ published a research study called Moving Pictures: The Persuasive Power of Video, which explores the factors driving the rise of mobile video viewing. It found that the rise of online video viewing can largely be attributed to smartphones, shorter attention spans, binge-watching, the importance of context and the thrill of novelty.

Moving Pictures: The Persuasive Power of Video

As an author, it is important to recognize these evolving features and understand what is relevant and valuable to your potential brands/customers.

With its growing interest, creatives can benefit from integrating multiclip videos to their mix of items and offer a way for brands and businesses to promote and tell their story in a way that is visual, fast and fun.

Check out some of these awesome stock video and motion graphics examples here:

Stamp (2in1)

Hand Touch Gestures

Houses From Above


Real Pigeon Package


2D Cartoon FX

We predict this feature is going to continue to grow and presents a significant opportunity for authors to explore this trend and offer ways to provide for their customers with innovative and unique designs – so, get involved in 2018!

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