[VIDEO] Creative Brief: AI, Big Data, Technology, Cyber Security.

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As designers, it’s important to make sure that you stay ahead of the fast-paced world that we live in. The constant evolution of technology is exciting and presents many opportunities to create items that connect and make an impact on the customers and brands of tomorrow. 

There is no surprise here that Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Technology and Cybersecurity are some of the top video trends that customers are looking for at the moment. Here are the terms simply explained:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This is defined as the ability of a machine or computer to display human intelligence processes. With more advanced tools and technology than ever before, AI is on everyone’s mind as it will change the game for many industries in the future. 

Big Data

This usually describes the large volume of data held by business, analysed for insights that helps to guide strategy and better decision-making. Often discussed alongside AI, there is a need for items that help to visualise and communicate big data and what this means. 


This is a vast term that covers many different areas. To put it simply, technology refers to the tools and machines that help us to be more efficient, solve problems or do new (and more) things. Being future-focused means that technology-related themes are very much in-demand. 


This refers to the practice of protecting internet-connected systems, such as computer systems, software, networks and data. It’s become more and more important as cyber-crime and threats have increased on a global scale, and can potentially affect many more consumers and industries.

Shot List Inspiration:

Check out these great examples for some futuristic inspiration. 

Trending Search Terms/Keywords:

  • Technology
  • Tech
  • Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • AI
  • Hacker
  • Server
  • Big Data
  • Data Center
  • Cyber Security
  • Server Room


Startups, Technology Services, Educational Institutions, Financial Institutions, Gaming Industries, Travel Industries, Health and Beauty Industries, Food and Drink Industries.


Mixed media tends to work really well in the technology space. Consider compositing motion graphics into your footage to help sell the effect you’re trying to achieve without going too far over the top. Motion graphics within footage work best when applied subtly and in such a way that its difficult for the user to perceive that it was composited into the footage in post production. 

Casting Considerations: 

The most common casting demographic we see in technology footage is older teens and young adults, in the 18 – 35 range. However with each passing year, we’re seeing technology adaptation across a full range of age groups, so age diversity in your casting choices can be a strong selling point. 

Before You Shoot:

Consider your target audience and make sure you’re staging and shooting your clips to best appeal to that range of customers. 

With videos relating to technology, it’s very easy to go too far with the scene which can sometimes come across over the top or a little cheesy. When you’re staging, try to shoot for a realistic end result, one where the customer could easily envision the scene actually occurring in real life.

For example, a clip showing a person coding, you might want to find or create actual functioning code on the screen, and let the actor type below it, while looking focused and confident in their abilities, rather than portraying a young man hammering on a keyboard that’s clearly disconnected from the computer, while superimposing The Matrix style code animation onto the screen. 

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