Top Video Trends to Watch in 2018

It’s an Exciting Time to Be in Video.

With increasing demand across platforms and styles, motion graphics and visual effects are showing what’s possible for storytellers and businesses to communicate powerful messages in our world today.

The need to embrace the complex and ever-changing nature of video stems from the need to constantly surprise and create meaningful experiences for audiences. According to recent reports, it was found that YouTube viewers watch a billion hours of video each day and Facebook users consume over 8 billion videos every day.”

To compete with the pressure of platforms and the accessibility of video consumption, authors and videographers will be looking to stay on top of trends and social marketing to ensure their items stand out and they can remain a relevant influencer in 2018.

Here, we asked authors NeuronFX and Space-Dog to contribute their insights in the field and what current advances in technology means for video and design now, and into the future.

Visual Effects

Advertisements and marketing campaigns are using more and more visual effects to showcase their products these days. A strength captured by its aesthetics, highlighting its unique details and intricacies to create powerful and memorable experiences. With a background in film visual effects, Author, NeuronFX shares how his style evolves using visual effects.

“Bring complex, artistic elements of visual effects together with a minimal approach to create something that is attractive to the motion graphics niche. A good example of this is the Real 3D Neon Kit project. Some of my projects lean more towards minimalism, like the latest project, Logo & Titles whilst others are purely based on visual effects, like Real Fireworks Kit.”

Social Media Stories

This is becoming an increasingly popular trend for its short format or quick ‘reels’ of video, which offers viewers a snapshot of moments in time that are only available to view for a short time. This ephemeral and temporary nature of video creates a unique experience for viewers and pushes them to view these reels almost immediately and mindfully (knowing they will soon vanish)!

It’s a great way for businesses to present fast content in a way that is designed to reach social media followers and audiences, and those interested in more video content on social media channels.

Check out these items: Instagram Stories by EasyEdit and Animated Stories Kit by yura_fresh featured below.

With Snapchat, Instagram and now YouTube creating their of their own bite-sized stories, it’s something that authors should consider for their items as the trend will continue to grow among social media platforms and audiences.

3D, 2D or a Mixture of Both!

Utilizing the capabilities of 3D is becoming an increasingly popular option for many marketing campaigns, commercials and game designs to visually showcase stories and scenes in a more powerful way.

In the same way, combining 2D & 3D is also something that businesses are looking at exploring more, as it can lead to incredibly unique experiences and effects. We see more and more designers looking create these experiences for their customers, especially those working on small-large scale commercials and marketing activities.

Check out the items: 2D and 3D Double Exposure Pack by First_Step, 3D Stage 3D Promo by MSO7, Neon City 3D Promo by EnchantedStudios, 3D Magazine by jrubani and World Map Kit by Chernu featured below.


An ever-growing trend, gifs are a great way to reach customers as they are easily accessible and fun to share on social media. We see many more companies looking to incorporate gifs as part of their marketing activities and strategy in the digital space in the future.

Check out these items: 60 Shapes, Text Reveals and Transition + Opener by motionvids and GIF Magick | After Effects Script by kapilovich featured below.

Author NeuronFX highlights that with more new platforms, there is even more demand for small motion assets, like gifs.

“Designers, programmers, and even the average person can use these tools to enhance their online experience. This can range from a simple emoji animation to complex 3D assets for VR.”

Virtual Reality | Artificial Intelligence

We are so excited about the potential of virtual reality and AI and all the opportunities it presents. These areas have steadily grown from being a game-design orientated features and machine learning to something that many businesses and organizations from various industries are exploring as a tool for marketing, learning, and storytelling. Last month, Adobe announced its latest updates to Premiere CC and After Effects CC video editing and motion graphic tools with new AI-Powered tools.

Steven Warner, Vice President of Digital Video and Audio at Adobe, believes that “The demands and pace of video content creation are reaching levels we’ve never seen before. The time pressure on video professionals means the need for powerful and efficient creative tools has never been greater..”

HubSpot’s latest article features statistics and predictions on the online video landscape as shown below.

With this new world of VR and AI approaching and bringing a new way of experiencing stories for designers and creatives, we expect popularity to grow – opening up even more for video and film in 2018. Check out Spage-Dog’s item – VR Toolkit featured below, which converts video to a view like putting on virtual reality glasses! 


Improving the user’s experience is something that interactions are exploring, with many organizations and businesses within the digital space looking towards investing in design tools to prototype and create software. This is seen in increasingly popular platforms such as Figma and Framer, with After Effects being one of the top tools for prototyping animations in 2018.

Author NeuronFX shares that unpacking his inspiration and exploring what it could be is one of the most difficult areas to consider.

“Regular visits to the cinema surely help as a specific effect that I see, or even a color tone of a film can bring many inspirations to mind. Other than that, real-life studies are key inspirations.

When creating the Neon Sign Toolkit I remember staring at every neon sign that I come across, as with the Real Fireworks Kit, Airplane Branding Package and the Gold Mockup Kit. Some other ideas simply come to mind and its often difficult to cite their source, and most of the times these end up being the best ideas. Of course, at the end of the day, the execution is as important as the idea.”

Logo Stings & Reveals

This is another way that designers are able to engage audiences and draw attention to their customer’s brands by bringing still images to life.

Check out these items: Flat Logo Animations by PixrateClean Simple Elegant Logo by mr_stocker and Gold Logo Reveal by MahiCG featured below.

Authenticity in Video

With all the developments in technology, social media and visual effects in the world today, finding authenticity in video and stock footage is more important than ever. We see this as a trend for many organizations and businesses looking to maintain a balance between the new technologies, while remaining true to their values and style. Author NeuronFX believes that with an ever growing market, it is important to stay true to your authentic style.

 “Observing trends in the market and adapting to it is as vital as it can be dangerous. It is very easy to copy or follow trends which might seem attractive for a few months or even years, but as Artists, it is important to stay true to what we love doing.. there needs to be a good balance between finding what sells and doing what you love to do.” 

It presents significant opportunities for designers and creatives alike, to explore how they can create work that evolves with time and can stay true to their own brand, as well as their customer’s brand and story. This niche in the video market is something that The Stacks Collaborators, Cinematographer Seth Whelden, and Creative Director Kelly Wilcox describe as reflecting “life as candidly and honestly as possible.” 

We don’t live in a perfect world — why should our content be any different?” 

See some of their shots from their featured videos below

With current trends exploring the importance of diverse representations in video and notions of the Fluid Self, it’s also about creating authentic content that breaks down stereotypes and shifts the way people see the world. Authors can be a part of growing movement by striving for authenticity in their work.

Whelden and Wilcox believe that in stock footage specifically, the challenge is in not knowing what that larger story is and creating content versatile enough to fit into many narratives. One must consider the edit and the ways in which motion within the shot will cut into a larger story..”

Going Forwards…

On the future of video trends, Author Space-Dog predicts that this will largely be “influenced by large corporations and businesses, such as Apple Inc.. design will go away from the plane and skeuomorphism in the direction of simple lines, soft colors etc.”

Similarly, Author NeuronFX believes there is a growing part of the technology that will look to create and innovate more personal designs and experiences for industries as “video will continue to shift to being more personal and adapted to the individual. These are all new areas that were unheard of a few years ago, and markets like Envato have a key role to continue empowering them with professional tools for a better production.”

What do you think about the current space of video in the world today, and what do you think will influence tomorrow? Share your insights, trends and learnings with us on the forums

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