What’s Trending on Elements: Video Edition

September 2021

We’ve taken a look at our top trending searches for video content on Elements to highlight what our customers are searching for right now.

Check them out and see if you have any content that you can submit to meet customer demand!

1. Halloween

Halloween isn’t until the end of next month on 31 October but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t getting into the spooky season early!

Customers are searching for stock videos, motion graphics and video templates that they can use for all their extra-scary projects!

Illustration of black cat with yellow eyes sitting on a jack-o-lantern. Spooky trees with bats are in the background.
Halloween by nguluidu

2. Countdown

Countdowns are very versatile for our customers. Are they counting down to a product launch? New Year’s Eve? A birthday or other special event? Who knows! What we do know is that customers are loving the variety of different countdowns we have on offer and are hungry for more.

Screenshot of a countdown. The number 5 along with a timestamp appears on the screen on a blue and purple background.
Countdown by VideoSalt

3. Autumn

The weather is cooling down in the northern hemisphere and the leaves on the trees are turning red. Out come the cosy scarves, chilly mornings and pumpkin spice lattes! Autumn is coming and our customers are looking for content that reflects the change in season.

Hot tip: Even across English-speaking countries, people use different names for the season. The US and other parts of North America use “fall” while countries that use British English tend to say “autumn”. To make sure your content is being displayed to all customers, make sure you tag all relevant content with both “fall” and “autumn” so that it shows up in search results.

"Autumn Titles" is in the middle of the image, surrounded by yellow, red and orange maple leaves falling across the screen.
Autumn Titles by VProxy

4. VHS Effects

In news that might make you feel old: VHS effects are in fashion right now and people are loving the retro look! Customers are looking for ways to make their videos look rustic and glitchy to mimic the look of analog video tapes, and are looking on Elements for the right tools for the job.

Image of a white man who appears to be a police officer. The screenshot looks like it has been taken from a VHS tape. The words "VHS opener" are across the image.
Glitch Opener VHS by May17Studio

5. Artificial Intelligence / AI

They are futuristic, high-tech, and conceptual, and they’re exactly what customers are searching for! Visual representations of artificial intelligence or AI are doing really well with Elements customers. To make sure your content is being seen by the right customers, tag your content with both “AI” and “artificial intelligence“.

Futuristic looking image of a human-like head with wavy laser lines coming out of it.
Ai Bg 2 by Visual_Box

For more info on what our customers are loving right now, check out our roundup of some of the top trending stock footage items on Elements.

Remember: All stock footage content submitted until 3 November will earn Triple Rewards, so there’s never been a better time to submit your best work!

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