Win $1,500 in our Video & Music Collaboration Challenge

We’re looking for VideoHive and AudioJungle authors to unite and create brand new Opener or Titles videos with tailored music. We’re giving away $1,500 and some priceless homepage exposure for our winners!

What we’re looking for

We want VideoHive and AudioJungle authors to work together as a team in our collaborative challenge! VideoHive authors are invited to create a brand new Opener or Title between 30-60 seconds in duration. It can be created in After Effects, Apple Motion, or Cinema 4D. The music featured in the Opener or Title preview must be a brand new, tailored track, from an AudioJungle author.

What should your project contain?

    • Your submissions needs to conform to usual VH and AJ upload requirements.
    • Your video template must be submitted to either the Opener or Titles category on VideoHive for either After Effects, Apple Motion, or Cinema4D.  The music should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory on AudioJungle.
    • Your video template should be a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 60 seconds.
    • The music uploaded to AudioJungle can be whatever length the author wishes (e.g. 3+ minutes) as long as the exact version used/synchronized in the VideoHive item preview is also included with the AudioJungle item (e.g. the 30-60 second version).
  • Both VH and AJ items must be brand new and submitted to each marketplace between December 4, 2015 – January 29, 2016.

VH & AJ Author Collaboration

VideoHive authors should work directly with an AudioJungle author to come up with customized music/audio that is tailored, suited, and sequenced to the project file. Both the VH item and AJ item need to be brand new, submitted and accepted on Envato Market as separate items, and must be cross-promoted and credited from each item description.

How to Enter

  1. Find a partner to work with! VH and AJ authors should approach one another and find a suitable partner to work with. You may use this thread if you wish to post whether you are available/interested in this opportunity so that “teams” can be formed.
  2. Authors can enter multiple times but must use a different item for each entry. i.e. An AJ author cannot use the same piece of music for multiple projects, but the AJ author can use different pieces of (brand new) music for different collaborations.  Similarly a VH author cannot enter the same video template multiple times with different pieces of music.
  3. Create your VH+AJ items and submit them to Envato Market no later than January 29, 2016. It does not need to be live/published on Envato Market, just submitted to the queue in time.   
  4. Complete our official entry form. Note: Decide on your team who will complete the form, only one entry required, but please include details from both participants on the “team”.
  5. Read our full terms & conditions and FAQs.
  6. Post a link to your VH item in this thread (one post per team/entry, please)

Prizes & Judging

We have some terrific prizes up-for-grabs including some priceless homepage exposure!

  • Grand Prize
    • $500 per team member (i.e. 2 x $500 = $1,000)
    • Featured Item on VH + AJ
    • Won a Competition community badge
  • Runner-up
    • $250 per team member (i.e. 2 x $250 = $500)

BONUS PRIZE: Every eligible entry we receive will also be added to a featured home page collection on VH + AJ.

Our judges will be looking for high quality motion, visuals, and utility in the VideoHive project where the accompanying music is well produced, fits the purpose of the video, and synchronizes well with the accompanying video/visuals.

Important Dates

  • Friday, January 29, 2016 (Midnight AEDT between Friday and Saturday) > Your VH+AJ submissions MUST be uploaded/submitted for review.
  • Monday, February 8, 2016 (Midnight AEDT between Monday and Tuesday) > Your VH+AJ submissions MUST be approved/published and you entry must be posted to this thread.
  • Friday, February 19, 2016 > Winners will be announced!

Good luck!

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