Welcome to Envato Worldwide!

Something Big Is Happening.

Introducing Envato’s New Author Conference. A place for growth, a catalyst for creativity, a connector of all industries – Worldwide is for the future, it’s for you.

Join us as we explore all things Envato author starting in June 2019!

Envato is the leading marketplace for creative assets, and Envato Worldwide is a series of multi-city conferences for all authors, creators and creatives alike. Here, we discuss more than just the future of Envato or authors. We explore what your work means to the world across creative industries, changing technologies, platforms and audiences.

Envato Worldwide is designed as an evolution of EuroTour and our global Meetups program, where we can bring authors and creators together to do their best learning, connecting, collaborating and celebrating with passionate community members around the world, as well as within their local regions.

We’re excited to announce that from the 6th of June to the 2nd of August 2019, we will be hosting our new Envato Worldwide Conferences in the following cities:

Envato Worldwide Conferences will include a combination of keynote presentations, local author presentations, networking, Q & A sessions and an awesome afterparty. These activities will explore marketplace and industry trends, business development, author stories and more (we will release these details closer to the date)!

All we ask is that you bring your whole self, whether that is an author who has just started to sell their themes, a photographer who works and travels the world, an entrepreneur with a favorite hobby-turned side hustle or a stay at home parent who loves to create music at any time of the day, this event is for all of you.

We will support the space to harness your creative pursuits and explore shared experiences – all the highs and lows, the ‘firsts’ of everything, moments of celebration, lessons learned and the bursts of everyday life in-between.

Envato Worldwide will be an experience that will motivate, inspire and connect authors and creators around the world. We would love to see you there!

Getting Involved

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, the next thing to do is to secure your place in your chosen city/region. Registrations are now open and those who register by the 17th of April will guarantee a custom Worldwide t-shirt in your size to wear on the day and take home with you!

This is an early bird special, so please note that there will be limited availability and designs may change. You can check out the custom mock-up designs below for a sneak peak into what it could look like. Cool Right? Be quick and register here!

We are also looking for Worldwide Volunteers for every conference in each of our chosen cities and we would love members of our community to join us!  

As with most events, we know that local knowledge is key to the planning and success of these events, which is why we’re calling for volunteers to help with various event planning and coordination activities in the lead up and on the day of the conference. This means we’ll have a small volunteer team in each city.

Becoming a Worldwide Volunteer is a great way to showcase your skills, develop relationships with other creators in your local community and co-create an unforgettable conference experience in your country.

As a thank you for your time, volunteers will get a personal meet and greet with the Envato team before the event, exclusive volunteer swag, plenty of free snacks and the opportunity to be featured in our community volunteers profile on the Author Hub!

We have a number of different roles available, depending on specific skills, interests and responsibilities, so please make sure to have a look and see what suits you best.

Check out the Volunteer Sign-up Form for all the details.

Next Steps

Once you’ve registered, keep an eye out for more details coming very soon. We will be giving you a sneak peak into the event across our social channels and via email as we get closer to the date!

We believe this is going to be a truly rewarding experience and we’re so happy to be bringing it to you in 2019. Join us to connect with some of our brightest authors, creators and industry leaders, and learn how you can grow on your journey, whatever that looks like.

Can’t wait to see you there.

Register Now.

Finished Registering? Follow the conversation and check out who else will be attending in our dedicated Forums thread now. Also, keep up with all the latest updates by following us on twitter.

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