Write For Us

Thanks for your interest in contributing an article on the Author Hub blog.

As part of this process, we have outlined our submission guidelines to ensure that your piece of work meets our content requirements at Envato. Please review them below:

Guidelines for Submissions:

  • All work that is submitted needs to be your own (any collaborations or if there are multiple authors this needs to be stated).
  • Submissions must adhere to Envato’s specific marketplace content requirements, legal obligations and policies as stated on the Author Help Center.
  • Approved work will only be published and shared on the author-specific channels outlined. This may include: Author Hub blog, Envato Forums, Author Newsletters.
  • It is at Envato’s discretion to review the content against their own content requirements and guidelines to make sure they are aligned with the work proposed.
  • Envato reserves the right to publish or not publish content that is pitched or submitted as outlined in the Author Contributor Agreement and Industry Expert Contributor Agreement.
  • Envato reserves the right to choose not to link to outside external resources or third party services, and to make any required edits to bring the work in-line with Envato’s style guide as required.
  • Submissions may take up to 2 months to review.

If published, contributors may receive:

  • A link to their author Market/Elements profile in the article on the Author Hub Blog;
  • The article shared in the monthly author newsletters or Envato Author channels; and
  • A Wordsmith Badge allocated on the author’s Market profile.

How can I submit an article/idea?

1. Develop your article idea: As an author or industry specialist, what do you want to write about?

Generally, our articles fall into the following formats:

  • Inspirational/idea-driven: First-person narrative stories about an experience, a subject, or an industry concept. These should be personal, conversational, and thought-provoking.
  • Informational: A dive into a specific topic, with the intent to provide helpful resources and insights for the author community.
  • List-style: An article broken down into a simple list form, with the intention to be provided as a resource for our community.
  • Case studies or inside-design processes: A deep dive into a project/process related to design.
  • Visual: If words aren’t your style, take us through your topic of choice/speciality through hand-drawn or digital illustrations, graphics or images.

2. Pitch us an idea!

  • If you’re an Envato author, submit your idea here.
  • If you’re an Industry Specialist or Expert in your field, submit your idea here.

3. Writing: Once your idea has been approved by the Envato Author Engagement Team, you will then be able to start your full piece of work and send it through for submission.

  • For images: All images should be 760px wide with feature images being 1200px wide. Make sure your images are properly attributed, and that you have the necessary permissions to use the image.
  • For writing: Run your first draft through the Hemingway App. Aim for a score of 8 –10. Grammarly is a really great tool which can be used to refine grammar and spelling.

4. Review: Your submission will be reviewed within one  to two months and you will be notified if your draft  meets our requirements or if there are any changes/edits that need to be made prior to publication.

5. Publication: After the review editing process, we’ll publish your article on our Author Hub blog (hooray!). This may take up to three months, depending on volume. From there, we’ll shout it from the rooftops via our channels. We encourage you to share it with your own networks too!