Write and share an Author or item testimonial and win a share of 20 x $100 Envato Market credits

We want you to write and share testimonials for items and authors you recommend that fellow authors can display on their item and profile pages!

What we’re looking for

We want you to write and share a testimonial and recommendation in 150 words or less for something you’ve purchased from Envato Market. It could be for an amazing item you’ve purchased or a specific author for excellent service, support, or skills!


Authors value your positive feedback as it inspires them to continue creating great items and offering first-class customer service and support. Being able to use real customer testimonials on item pages and profile pages can really help give confidence to other buyers too during their online shopping experience. By sharing your testimonial as a buyer, you will be able to have a positive impact on the future success of an author you have already invested in and influence fellow buyers to experience useful and high quality content.

We’d love our valuable buyers to interact and post their testimonials directly in our community forums so that authors may share your words of praise and appreciation to help promote their items.

Buyers and authors working together, it’s a beautiful thing!

How it Works

  • Write a testimonial in 150 words or less for either (a) an item you’ve previously purchased or (b) an author you’ve previously purchased from. Your purchase must have occurred prior to March 1, 2016, so existing purchases only.
  • Post the testimonial in our official forum thread to obtain an entry into the giveaway!

How to Enter

  • Write a testimonial in 150 words or less for an item you’ve previously purchased, or an author you’ve purchased from, prior to March 1, 2016.
  • Think about why you like the item or author, how it has helped you with your project, or why you’d recommend it to someone else.
  • Post your testimonial in our official forum thread and include:
    • Your testimonial
    • Your real name OR your Envato Market username you’d like attributed to the testimonial.
    • Include the name of the author you are writing about (or the name of the author of the item you are writing about). Please also include a link to the item you are providing a testimonial for.
  • You can enter as many times as you like but only one testimonial per author, please. Even if you have purchased multiple items from an author and you like all items, please only provide one testimonial per author.
  • Please read our full terms and conditions.

Prizes & Random Drawing

Everyone who enters will be entered into our $2,000 random drawing where we’re giving away 20 x $100 Envato Market credits!

  • 20 x $100 Envato Market credits up for grabs!
  • Each winner will also receive a Won a Contest badge
  • Each winner can win a maximum of one x $100 market credit prize.

After the event has concluded, we will use a computer application to determine 20 random winners from all entries received.  

Important Dates

  • Deadline: Friday, March 18, 2016 (11pm AEDT)
  • Winners Announced: Friday, March 25, 2016.

All entries received may be used/quoted by authors for promotional purposes on either their item page(s) or profile page.

Good luck!

Post Your Entries In Our Official Forum Thread!

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